Yvonne Pinto

Director of ALINe yvonne@firetail.co.uk

Yvonne Pinto is the Director of the Agricultural Learning and Impacts Network, a consulting practice stream hosted by Firetail focused on Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation in the Agriculture for Development sector. Formerly she was a Program Officer in the Agricultural team at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle and Africa Executive at the Gatsby Charitable Foundation in London.

She has a longstanding interest in agricultural development particularly in Sub Saharan Africa where she has spent 20 years supporting effective institutions and agricultural development programmes. She was also recently a Research Fellow and Deputy Investigator for the Africa and Europe: Partnerships in Food and Farming based at the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College. She worked with UN FAO and GFAR to organize the first Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD). 

She has an MSc and PhD from Imperial College at Wye and BSc in Agricultural Plant Sciences from Reading University. Yvonne sits on various Boards, Program Advisory and Steering Committees. She is also an experienced mentor with 17 current mentees and has extensive Management and Leadership training.