What is ALINe?

The Agricultural Learning and Impacts Network (ALINe) creates innovative, robust and user-oriented Monitoring Learning and Evaluation systems. These result in improved capacity for evidence-based learning and impact across a global network of partnerships in the agricultural sector. ALINe delivers this by drawing on and developing the best technical expertise from the North and South.


ALINe was piloted at the Institute for Development Studies and in 2012 the core team joined the strategy consulting company Firetail Limited complementing their work with a dedicated practice stream.

Why are we needed?

Despite significant resources being invested to improve the lives of poor farmers, relatively little impact has been visible. ALINe believes that improving development cooperation requires new methods of understanding performance in agricultural initiatives.

ALINe promotes people-centred measurement, learning, and evaluation (MLE) approaches that increase the effectiveness of initiatives and focus accountability towards the needs and interests expressed by poor farmers.